Value adding your grain

With high livestock prices and strong international demand for Australian lamb, the outlook for the Australian sheep industry is very positive. Prices are staying above average, and the forecast is for them to be maintained for the long-term. Coupled with low grain prices, now is the time to capitalise on these great market conditions – get your sheep into peak feed conversion efficiency and gain maximum weight.

Value adding your grain through sheep, whether it be via feedlotting or supplementary feeding, is currently much more profitable than selling a tonne of grain. Efficient feeding systems are the key to driving profit.

Improving your livestock’s feed conversion efficiency is a surefire way to increase your productivity – consuming much less feed and decreasing input costs. By adding the correct supplements and management techniques into the system, sheep on grain have the genetic potential to convert 3:1. Let’s put this into a dollar value

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.21.11 PM

This equation does not only apply to grain feeding. Feed conversion efficiency can be greatly improved in grazing stock also (to the tune of 25:1 down to 8:1 – almost three times less feed!!)

What would more weight gain for less feed consumed mean to your enterprise? Higher stocking rate? More available feed? Finishing lambs earlier?

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