Fences. It’s easy to take them for granted, but they’re vital in protecting your property, crops and livestock.

At AgriWest, we carry an extensive range of rural fencing products to help you keep things where they’re supposed to stay.

We stock only quality products from the leading fencing suppliers like Waratah, Gallagher and Angus. We can advise you on the best product to suit your individual situation, and help you out with the right advice and equipment to install your fencing.

Come and see us about:

  • Plain and barbed wire
  • Electric fence energisers
  • Galvanised and black steel posts
  • Farm gates
  • Automatic gate openers
  • Wire strainers
  • Wire spinners
  • Electric fence tape
  • Adjusta stay kits
  • Post drivers, post lifters, gate hinges, treadings,stand offs and pliers