Feed management of damaged crops

The weather over the last few months has rendered many crops damaged, meaning they are either unable to be harvested, or have a lot of dropped heads. This increases the grain component of stubbles substantially, so careful management of livestock nutrition is very important. High amounts of residual grain left in crops has the potential to cause grain poisoning, resulting in a loss of production and/or stock losses. However, if managed correctly, the grain can be utilised to boost production in your livestock!

Generally, livestock will clean up residual grain in a crop quite quickly. However, it is important to have a source of buffering available to the animals to help prevent the onset of grain poisoning. Even when not causing deaths, grain poisoning significantly affects production, causing a decrease in feed conversion, growth rates and overall health.

There are some simple, and highly effective techniques available that can boost your livestock production and profits through the summer period. Specialised loose licks that contain both buffers and a comprehensive blend of essential starch, vitamins and minerals provide a source of protection against grain poisoning, whilst also providing the nutrition required for maximum feed conversion efficiency. This product has been formulated to be highly effective, low cost and simple to implement.

Turn those damaged crops into productive feed today. To find out more and get a plan in place for your summer nutrition needs, please contact our AgriWest animal production specialists today!