Grain Marketing

Since 1992, Agfarm have been dedicated to making a difference to growers. Through Agfarm, we can provide a range of services to make farming easier and ensure the long term viability of our clients’ operations. We work with growers to develop a comprehensive strategy that meets their individual requirements, allowing them to put their focus back on farming and keep them on the land for generations to come.

At AgriWest, we work with Agfarm to offer dynamic and flexible products, from financing crop inputs through to attaining the best price for your grain.

Agfarm Accelerate: Financing your crop inputs with harvest payment terms.

Agfarm Advantage: Agfarm Advantage programs offer the flexibility to create a grain sales and marketing strategy to suit your cash flow needs.

Agfarm Broking: Agfarm takes the work out of grain marketing, managing the entire transaction from price discovery to executing sales.

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